Elysian Fool

A Collection of Poetry from Michelle Burinskas – Coming Soon!   Continue Reading »

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Weeli’ Smile

Chapter 1 Cleopatra’s Lampshade Fear will do that. Hopelessness will do that. When fear is so great that hopelessness becomes desperation, apathy gives way to revolution. – Linda Dresnick Excerpt from mayoral campaign speech Veiled by bastions of volcanic ash, deep in the womb of the lush American desert, the most advanced civilization conspires to the common […] Continue Reading »

Edit or Forget It

The Importance of Editing Before You Publish By: Michelle Burinskas No, really. If you’ve written something to publish and you haven’t had an editor look at it for content accuracy, misspelling, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, tense, and overall tone and flow, you’re shooting yourself in the foot with a poisoned bullet. Keeping your readers engaged […] Continue Reading »

Just One More Self-Publishing Checklist

On August 9, 1996, a fire swept through the cabin, my summer residence at Camp Bauercrest in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Along with a guitar, clothing, computer, and many writings, my first completed novel went up in flames. Twenty years ago, flash drives and backup files were not on my mind. When the fire destroyed my writings, […] Continue Reading »