Breakout Author, M.A. Newhall, Releases Erotic Drama

In her first novel, The Holding, M.A Newhall delivers an unapologetically twisted journey of self-discovery, healing, and love. Both thrilling and erotic, she spins a tale that encourages audiences to contemplate the light and dark facets of the human condition.

In the midst of grief and despair at the loss of her long-time boyfriend, protagonist Sophie Kingston is kidnapped while on vacation in a foreign country. She quickly learns of her fate to be trained as a sex slave at the hands of her mysterious and dominating captor.

“He could recognize fear the way one could recognize one’s own face in a photographed crowd. It was a byproduct of the world he lived in—surrounded constantly by it, creating it, he himself, the essence of a nightmare…He had spent years learning how to break women, to instill fear, and to take away their free will. He found, though, that he had no idea what to do with someone who was already broken.”

Just when Sophie is ready to give into her despair, something unusual begins to happen: Adrien, the dark and handsome man who holds Sophie’s fate in his hands, helps her heal from her past, reigniting her senses. As Sophie’s apathy and Adrien’s duty are replaced by their feelings for each other and the two struggle with their inner demons, it becomes impossible to deny the growing attraction between them.

“There was something about her. It had been there since the beginning. Adrien couldn’t get Sophie out of his head. And he had broken another one of his rules. Touching her would have been fine…But he had tasted her…And the worst part? He knew what she looked like when she was truly happy.”

They both know the impossibility of their situation and the unlikelihood of a happy ending. And yet, do they dare to hope?

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