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The HoldingThe Holding

Broken.  It’s the only word Sophie Kingston can think of to describe herself. Having endured the loss of those closest to her, life can’t get much worse. It’s not that Sophie doesn’t want to move on, it’s that she can’t seem to figure out how. – Read More >>

Weeli’s Smile, The Revolution

Join Weelie and Herb as they embark on a journey across America and the landscape of the human psyche, meandering through the halls of corporate life and the trails of the Southwestern desert, to confront the infinite labyrinth of consciousness. – Read More >>

Manhattan Metaphor

By Bill Cordaro, performed live at Mass Music Complex with Katie Abendroth on violin, Rob Dragunas in mandolin, Tony Ashton on bass, Jimbo Williamson on djembe, Joe Dirusso on electric guitar, Dave Saraiva on drums, and Bill Cordaro on acoustic guitar and vocals.