Introducing Elysian Fool


We must learn to fly with our feet on the ground.

Modern poet examines love, politics, depression and everything else no one’s talking about in her debut book of poetry entitled Elysian Fool.

Elysian Fool

Even your body is just a place to stay.

And maybe you cry when you look at art…


Michelle Burinskas is an author, teacher, and editor who has been writing poetry since she was young.

In the moving and arresting style of Sylvia Plath, she sets out to explore and engage all that is taboo in today’s society.

To showcase the revered and blessed idiot in all of us.

Her poems flow like a photo reel of love and heartbreak, triumph and loss, euphoria and depression, and all with which the human heart and mind contend.

Michelle commends and condemns the elysian fool in us all in her inspiring and thought-provoking debut collection.


A tongue or pen on paper writes the fractal screams of American dreams shattered on your park bench.

But you’re a guest in every room you leave.


The Elysian Fool audiobook, featuring selected poems from the collection, will be available soon!

Stay tuned for more from the author.



An Excerpt from Temporary Permanence

August fades to autumn.

Leaves shift from green to gold.

The assassin frost awakens,

a lesson in letting go.

Black circles wreath his sad eyes,

and his corona stretches wide.

Moonbeams cling in desperation

to the elusive edge of night.

The city builds a tower

with desire and hallowed bricks,

and since our loneliness restricts

the time bomb patiently ticks,

and we’re shattered when it falls,

though we know it was born deceased.

Falling air and sunset moons remind

pain subsides upon release.

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