Michelle BurinskasMichelle is a writer and editor who has worked in the realms of poetry and prose, fiction and non-fiction, and electronic and print for over twenty years. Her appreciation for art, particularly that of the written word, has been inspired and cultivated by her love of reading and music, as well as her travels to Zambia, New Zealand and The Dominican Republic. As she believes Mother Nature is our greatest teacher and the most talented artist of all, she spends most of her spare time hiking, running and caring for animals.

Elylsian FoolElysian Fool

A Collection of Poetry from Michelle Burinskas



Gracing Lenore

Her icicle eyelashes begin to melt
Raven feathers to crystal windows

As autumn frosts New England trees
Sanguine reds near lemon yellows

Her skin planes shiver, begin to blur
Olive hues blend sun scorched soil

The cosmic pulse in eternal throbs
Subtle specters like sedated flies

Paint crowning paths around her head
Of sighing green leaves left for dead