Bill Cordaro

Bill has been writing songs, or they’ve been writing themselves, for as long as he can remember.  He performed his first acoustic composition when he was eight years old, on the big stage at the historic Word of God Church.  Bill has been playing guitar, writing and singing with Colonel Mustard, performing solo and hosting music circles and events for years.

Stephanie Bates on vocals

Stephanie has been touring her voice with the Muthafunk, Darryl Hill Blues Band, and guest performing with a number of acts including the Stage Door Canteen Band for years.   After searching for a soulful singer for months I asked Hanwar , “Do you know singers I might be able to recruit?”  And, into the Wily Groove came the voice of the howling angel, Stephanie Bates.

Joe Dirusso, lead guitar

Joe seems to have been playing guitar since his fingers formed in the womb, and likely before, studying the craft through his early years and playing in the high school jazz band.  Along with playing lead, Joe has been my partner in crime composing tunes for Colonel Mustard for many years and has been kind enough to add his guitar to my many acoustic endeavors.  Joe’s other bands include Jazz Oddity and Puddlefish.

Katie Abendroth (aka ViolinGirl) on the fiddle

A student of the craft, classically trained, Katie has playing the fiddle her entire life. She enjoys playing a diversity of styles including rock, pop, country, classical, jazz, and with the wily Groove, a style I like to call Junk Music, a sort of funky, jazzy, junky rock.  She’s toured and recorded with Steve Spector, My Silent Bravery, Bill Cordaro acoustic journey, and of course, the wily Groove sessions.  Katie and I started playing together virtually the day after we met and it seems like we’ve been friends for life.

 Hanwar Harnett on Sax

A master of his craft, apparently, Hanwar studied at some place called Berkely College of Music.  Hanwar has been performing and recording with some great talents for years, including, Daniel Byrnes & The MuthaFunk.  A close friend invited me to a Muthafunk show one night, and well, I been digging on the Hanwar ever since.  This is also how Stephanie Bates came together with the Wily Groove.

Eric Costa (aka Toad) on keys

A student of his art, toad has been playing and composing since he was a wee young lad.  Along with his original compositions, he has spent years playing, touring and recording with a plethora of acts, including, The Dancing Dogs, Colonel Mustard, We are Hydrogen -A Phish tribute and the Mighty Swell- A Tribute to Jerry Garcia Band.

Peter Rubbo on drums

Grammy nominated drummer and engineer, founder and CEO of R Productions, Peter is a lifelong musician who studied with some of the best mentors in the business.  He began his studies on the drums at the age of five and continues to study and master his craft today.  He studied at Berkeley and New England conservatory with a focus on Jazz.  You can find Peter’s drums on works from many artists releases, but as the story of the studio musician goes, you may not know its him.  But, we don’t keep secrets within the Boogy Groove and it’s hard to mistake whose drumming on this shindig.  Peter is also the founder of R Productions and is a renowned engineer and producer.

Pat Tansey on bass

Journeyman Bassist and veteran of the South Shore music scene for over 25 years, Pat has played with well-known bands like Hit Squad, Phatso, The Red White and Blues Band, and most recently holds the position of Bassist Supreme in Jazz Oddity. He writes, records and produces his own compositions in his basement studio under the monker Tr1ckyP4t. A friend of mine for many years, he was kind enough to answer the call when I asked that he put his bass on a number of the songs on BoogyMan Shuffle, albeit, he had never heard of such a thing called BoogyMan Shuffle. This is what talented friends do.